Booking Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions


Booking a New Patient Electrolysis or Skin consultation

The purpose of these consultations is to allow the therapist to examine the area(s) to be treated and assess suitability for treatment. It is an opportunity for me to explain the treatment objectives and options to you and where necessary, perform a patch test prior to any ongoing treatment. This is mandatory for patients wishing to consider electrolysis hair removal treatment or those with highly sensitive or special skin conditions.

Please arrive on time for your appointments. You will be asked to complete a clinic registration form and answer some questions. You may wish to ask questions and a suitable treatment plan will be advised to you.


Booking a new appointment 

Appointments can be made in advance or on the day. Please note: appointments that are made last minute or on the day are still subject to our 24hour cancellation policy and therefore cannot be cancelled.

I.e. an appointment is made on Saturday at 9am for 11am. The client has made contact at 10.30am and would like to cancel or change the appointment. Unfortunately, alterations cannot be made to the appointment as the time slot has been pre-prepared to serve the client and in most instances, other patients may have been refused in order to accommodate this. 


Cancelling or changing an existing appointment 

ALL appointments require 24hrs notice to cancel an appointment.

ALL appointments cancelled, missed or broken without 24 hours notice will incur the FULL FEE of each missed appointment that has been booked, which will become payable in full and prior to any further appointments made. This is also outlined within the Patient Registration Form at the clinic.

Patients who have a course of treatment will have a session deducted from the course package.


Late Arrivals

The therapist reserves the right to treat any patient for the remainder of their allocated appointment time that they have paid for. Patients who arrive late may not be able to be seen and will be asked to pay the full price for their missed appointment. Upon receipt of payment, another appointment can be made. It may be necessary to make adaptations to the treatment and/or reduce the patients treatment length in order for the clinic to run smoothly and for other patients to be seen on time. 


Treatment Courses

Courses offering a substantial discount are on offer for patients who require a course of consecutive treatments. Patients wishing to enter into a Course of Treatment must state and pay for this in full at the initial onset when they would like to receive a course. Courses are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Courses will be deducted in the event of any missed or late cancelled appointments. No refunds will be issued for unused courses. No payment will be ‘back dated’ on realisation that a course would have been more appropriate. 


We have a small seated area, if attending with friends or family, there may also be other patients receiving or waiting for treatment therefore, please be mindful of loud conversations, mobile phones, etc. Where it may be necessary for you to attend with young children or babies, please bear in mind that this could cause some disruption to your treatment when needing to attend to them which may reduce your treatment time. 


Booking and Paying for an appointment

All treatments can be booked via this website. Payment is taken upon the booking process. Treatments are to be paid in full prior to the initial appointment online on this website.


Thank You for respecting this policy.