Cancellation Policy

Cancelling or changing an existing appointment 


There is a 24 hour cancelation policy. ALL appointments require 24hrs NOTICE to cancel an appointment. ALL clients who miss appointments must pay the full fee of their missed appointment(s)  before an appointment can be be rescheduled and or before a new appointment can be made. No exceptions. 

ALL appointments cancelled, missed or broken without 24 hours notice will incur the FULL FEE of each missed appointment that has been booked, which will become payable in full and prior to any further appointments made. This is also outlined within the Patient Registration Form at the clinic.

Patients who have a course of treatment will have a session deducted from the course package.


Cancelling online

Cancelling an appointment is easy. Go to the booking page and if you have booked online before, enter your login and password. You will then see all of your bookings and the cancel button is to the right.

Cancelling by phone or by email

If you have made your appointment with us on the telephone or in person, please give us a call or send us an email to cancel your appointment.