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What is a Non-Surgical Face Lift?

What is Micro-current and how does the Natural Non-Surgical Facelift work without surgery?

Micro-current Technology is a muscle firming and toning method that can physically firm and tone the skin through muscle re-education without the need for any surgical intervention.

During treatment all 32 facial muscles are physically manipulated using soft cotton tipped wands (probes) or other attachments that transmit the microcurrent impulses.

By reproducing the body’s own biological current we can re-establish muscle memory naturally thus bringing more definition to the face and body without surgery.

The Micro-current Non-Surgical Facelift is proven to be safe and effective as the Microcurrent mirrors the body’s own natural current and works in harmony with the body’s electrical system. It is commonly described as “facial toning or non-surgical facial lifting” due to the dramatic lifting effect that the microcurrent has on facial muscles and facial contours.

At MySkin™ UK, we use the latest and most advanced aesthetic microcurrent equipment, technology applications and training knowledge to customise the non-surgical facelift treatment to support your individual needs.

Originally developed for treating facial palsy, microcurrent therapy is now also used widely in Physiotherapy for pain control and in hospitals for wound healing.

In the 1960’s Drs S. Baker and S.Doyle demonstrated that effective and long term muscle re-education could only be achieved using microcurrent if ultra-low frequencies (less than 1 Hertz) were used.

In his book, The Body Electric Dr Robert O. Becker, indicates that to be effective microcurrent impulses need to be delivered using a modified waveform that is able to overcome the body’s natural resistance to current (Ohms law) without causing client discomfort.

Combining ultra-low frequencies with a modified waveform enables the microcurrent to recharge the electrical potential of the muscle by stimulating the spindle cell fibers that run the length of the muscle and attach to the Golgi tendon organ in the belly of the muscle. This Golgi tendon organ (GTO) simulation technique was developed by Dr George Goodheart in the late 60’s

For best results

Minimum 6-12 treatments, weekly

Procedure time

About 60-90 minutes

Return back to work

Immediately (minimal downtime)

Duration of results

3 - 6 months

Anaesthetic needed


Risks or complications

Minimal risk. 

Safe for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers 3+ months.

Test patch required


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